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Doggie Daycare and Training
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Doggie Daycare

Put more play in your dog’s day! Our doggie daycare services offer large indoor and outdoor playgrounds, toys, and plenty of friends! All dogs must be spayed or neutered and pass an interview before attending daycare.

For the daycare application click Muttessori Application!

Obedience Training

Let our licensed dog trainer provide you with all the tools and techniques necessary to raise an obedient dog. Our classes begin each month so sign up today to enroll your pet!

Classes include:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Advanced off leash
  • Agility
  • Tracking
  • One-on-one
  • In-home

To view our obedience flyer click Dog Obedience Flyer!

Pay For Packages

You Must Send in Contracts and Be Approved Before Paying. Fill them out Here

Large Dog Over 50 lbs
Medium Dog 24-49 lbs
Small Dog Under 24 lbs

10 Full Days Packages

  • Small: $200.00
  • Medium: $230.00
  • Large: $250.00

10 Half Days Packages

Mornings Only, Done By 1pm
  • Small: $140.00
  • Medium: $170.00
  • Large: $190.00

30 Full Days Packages

  • Small: $550.00
  • Medium: $640.00
  • Large: $670.00

30 Half Days Packages

Mornings Only, Done By 1pm
  • Small: $382.50
  • Medium: $482.50
  • Large: $542.50

Due to the increase numbers of louse infections in the area and the entrance of ticks to our wonderful city we are now requiring the school pups to have a monthly pour on lice/tick preventative. The other pest that likes to spoil our fun in school are round worms. Some of the kids have been bringing extra friends with them. Fecal examinations only find approximately 65% of the worm infections and are costly to perform. We found it much more effective to give a once a month worming medication to keep everyone ‘cleaned’ out. We now offer the 6 month parasite control package at the cost of $125 a savings of $25 if paid by the month.