Kristen Halverson

Kristen Halverson

1. When and how did you come to work at your practice?

I started working at the animal house in August of 2012.

2. WHY did you become a veterinarian / veterinary professional?

Because I enjoy caring for those who require it. Animals are innocent and need to be protected and cared for.

3. Tell me a STORY about one specific animal or event related to animals that inspired you.

I had always loved animals and I grew up with a pet rat and a family dog. I had never thought that I would ever work in an animal hospital not that I didn’t want to but was simply unaware of the opportunity. While going to college for my associates degree I started working as a receptionist in Vancouver Washington at an animal clinic. I was so scared when starting, but I was so excited for all the new things I was going to learn and see. I caught on so quick as a receptionist that I was asked to join the technical staff. Shortly after that I was asked by one of our doctors to join her in Mexico working at a free spay and neuter clinic for a couple weeks with a group called VIDAS. I was plopped into a makeshift clinic out of an elementary school where I got a crash course in certain technical duties and surgical prep. I had already been studying for months working at my position in the clinic assisting our LVT’s with all surgical prep, monitoring and etc. After coming home I was hooked. I learned as much as I could about everything I could within my clinic. After moving to Alaska with my boyfriend I still had to undeniable urge to work with animals and to help them.

4. HOW did you become a veterinarian / veterinary professional?

I started in Vancouver Washington at a small and large animal clinic. I learned many things from all of my co-workers as we were a learning clinic.

5. What do you enjoy most about your job and WHY?

I really enjoy radiology. Being able to see what is going on internally with the patient is a gift and a wonderful way to help the doctors diagnose. Helping and educating clients to better their relationship with their pets.

6. What are your personal origins? Where did you grow up, who was in your family, what were your interests and influences?

I grew up in Fresno California. I have an older brother and a younger sister and two loving parents. I grew up with a pet rat and a family dog, a toy poodle named Molly. Molly diet after our family moved to California from liver failure. I started attending college and working from job to job. We finally settled and I was offered a job by one of my customers and then my adventure started.

7. Who is in your family now and what are their interests (including pets)?

My father is a computer engineer and my mother is a preschool teacher. My brother is working in film and my sister lives in Japan working at a bank with her fiancé.